Ephemeral installation Hyères, France ( 2019 )
Under the supervision of Leonid Slonimskiy – Kosmos Architects, assisted by Bertrand Van Dorp.
In collaboration with: Flora Daures, Blanche Mijonnet, Eun Ji Won  Photo credits: Nina F. D'Elia

In Hyeres’ Villa Romaine, an old, 1880's neoclassical home now listed as a historic monument, the commission was to develop a temporary installation that retraced the villa’s history and matched the site’s unique atmosphere, blurring the boundaries between domestic and public space, inside and outside, and past and present.
The installation's aim was to reappropriate a forgotten area in the villa that was taken over by the seasonal mosquitos while creating a mystical atmosphere. We collected a series of textiles found in the villa’s basement and we treated them with an aromatic infusion. The textiles, installed as curtains covered the whole area with a mosquito-repellent fragrance, disseminated by the flow of the wind. A dot of light at the end of the garden suggests an eternal sunset-like atmosphere for the visitors of the space.
This installation was produced for the European Heritage Days.