herbarium of interiors
Object design Geneva, Switzerland ( 2019 )
Under the supervision of India Mahdavi & Youri Kravtchenko  – YKRA, assisted by Manon Portera.
( 1 ) HEAD – Genève︱ Photo credits:  Raphaëlle Mueller & Nina F. D'Elia

An herbarium is a specimen that becomes its own image. Halfway between picture, 1:1 model and object, it is sequential. Similarly, contemporary interiors are manifold, working in multiple directions, from object to image, from media to space. While existing in diverse mediums and formats, spaces become physical in varying instances and iterations. Are contemporary interiors like herbariums, spaces whose image oscillates between content and representation?

Herbarium of Interiors is a special collaboration with India Mahdavi and Volume magazine that explores the role of image culture in the construction of interior spaces. The publication aims to reframe the boundaries of interior architecture through parallel space-image domains, envisioning a new reality that bypasses traditional distinctions such as inside/outside, public/private, original/sampled or tangible/mediated, ultimately reasserting the role of interiors in the construction of contemporaneity. ( 1 )