cité radieuse: night manifeste du sud

Ephemeral installation ︱ Marseille, France ( 2020 )

Curated x Javier F. Contreras, Roberto Zancan & José María Sánchez García 

In collaboration with: Algarra Sánchez Blanca, Felix Tina, Kocis Chiara, Meyer Mélina, Marzolf Raphaëlle 

Assistant : Bertrand Van Dorp ︱ Photo credits: HEAD Genève ︱ ( 1 ) HEAD – Genève

Le Corbusier did not produce many night drawings in his career, but his nocturnal designs for Buenos Aires remains one of his most enlightening urban proposals. Our project for Manifesta 13 addresses how his Unité d’Habitation might have been drawn from the exploration of the alternative possibilities of night in Le Corbusier’s architecture.
This construction is an installation exploring the role of night in building contemporary Mediterranean urban spaces. It is articulated upon the hypothesis that since the 20th century, modernity has not only transformed night, but above all it has permanently reshaped daytime activities and architecture.
By creating “night scenes” inside Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation, we intend to show how night is not only an area of vulnerability and insecurity, a haunted space, but also a laboratory for the development of new forms of collective living. ( 1 )