millennial pink

Diploma Project Geneva, Switzerland ( 2021 )

Under the supervision of Vera Sachhetti Photo credits: Baptiste Coulon

IIt is the year 2021, and life is very different from 20 years ago. We were the first generation born and raised amongst the biggest technological innovations of history. We were the lucky (or unlucky) ones being exposed to a digital landscape. It granted us knowledge, it granted us entertainment and a promise of a universal connection.

Other generations say that we are depressed despite the fact we have it all. That things were worst before. What they don't know is that we are the guinea pigs of a new world, we are the experiment of the digital era. We were raised with excessive exposure to images and they were not always charming ones. The screens of our generation aren’t monochromatic, the blood we see comes in vivid red and we see it in real-time. Phones are no longer a stationary artifact, they are an extension of ourselves, we feel insecure without them because they shelter us from the physical world that we cannot leave behind.

We reached an age in which the youngest of us is old enough to produce and now that we live in two worlds simultaneously, the workload seems heavier. We are producing but we are avid consumers as well; we don't know if it's a conviction or an imposition. We are aging, we are raising children, we are developing businesses and we are creating. But, under which ethics? Under which principles? Eventually, our time will come to an end and there’s a serious question to address: Did we do good with the tools that were given to us?

We are proud of losing conservative ideologies but with them, we are losing rituals that rendered our life with meaning. The digital world was our safe space until we lost control over it. Our eyes are tired of staring at a screen, yet we cannot resist. We seek comfort and we find it in smooth textures and pastel colors that attenuate the constant glow of our devices.

We needed consolation and we found it in pink, a pink named after a generation who was desperate for it: Millennial Pink.